11th Conference on Atmospheric Radiation and the 11th Conference on Cloud Physics

Wednesday, 5 June 2002
Cloud Radiative Heating Rate Forcing From Profiles of Retrieved Arctic Cloud Mircophysics
Matthew D. Shupe, Science and Technology Corp. and NOAA/ETL, Boulder, CO; and P. Zuidema and T. Uttal
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Atmospheric heating rate profiles in the Arctic are examined using a radiative transfer model and cloud measurements made by a surface-based cloud radar during the Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic (SHEBA) experiment. Heating rates are calculated by the Streamer radiation code using explicit cloud microphysics, measured profiles of atmospheric temperature and moisture, and observations of surface albedo. Cloud particle sizes and water contents are derived from the 35 GHz radar measurements according to a number of microphysical retrieval techniques developed at the Environmental Technology Laboratory for both single- and mixed-phase clouds. The sensitivity of modeled heating rates to the cloud microphysics and surface albedo is explored. Furthermore, an assessment of the use of bulk microphysics (a standard for climate models) versus explicit microphysics is conducted. Finally, relationships between microphysical profiles and heating rate profiles are developed.

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