11th Conference on Atmospheric Radiation and the 11th Conference on Cloud Physics

Session 1: Radiative Effects of Aerosols

Monday, 3 June 2002: 9:00 AM-11:45 AM
Organizer:  Brian Cairns, Columbia Univ.
  9:00 AM
Overview of ACE-Asia Spring 2001 investigations on aerosol-radiation interactions
P. B. Russell, NASA/Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA; and P. J. Flatau, F. P. J. Valero, T. Nakajima, B. Holben, P. Pilewskie, M. Bergin, B. Schmid, R. W. Bergstrom, A. Vogelmann, B. Bush, J. Redemann, S. Pope, J. Livingston, S. Leitner, N. C. Hsu, J. Wang, J. Seinfeld, D. Hegg, P. Quinn, and D. Covert


Poster PDF (724.4 kB)
  9:15 AM
ACE-Asia aerosol forcing determined from aircraft and ground measurements
Francisco P. J. Valero, SIO/Univ. Of California, La Jolla, CA; and S. K. Pope, B. C. Bush, D. C. Marsden, A. Bucholtz, and Q. T. Nguyen

  9:30 AM
  9:45 AM
East Asia Source Region Aerosols (EASRA): An Ideal Testbed for Studying the Direct and Indirect Climate Effects of Natural and Anthropogenic Aerosols
Z. Li, University of Maryland, College Park, MD; and M. King, S. Tsay, B. Holben, Y. Kaufman, and R. R. Dickerson

Poster PDF (265.8 kB)
Measurements of absorption and scattering coefficients in marine, continental, and polluted air masses

  10:15 AM
Aerosol and radiation studies with the UK Met Office C-130 aircraft during SAFARI-2000
Jim M. Haywood, Met Office, Farnborough, Hants, United Kingdom; and P. N. Francis, S. R. Osborne, O. Dubovik, B. Holben, P. Formenti, and M. Andreae

  10:30 AM
Surface aerosol radiative forcing derived from observations during PRIDE,SAFARI-2000, and ACE-ASIA and at UCLA surface site
Richard A. Hansell Jr., Univ. of California, Los Angeles, CA; and S. C. Tsay, K. N. Liou, and S. C. Ou

  10:45 AM
Aircraft measurements of spectral and broadband shortwave radiative fluxes during the Chesapeake Lighthouse and Aircraft Measurements for Satellites (CLAMS) experiment
William L. Smith Jr., NASA/LRC, Hampton, VA; and T. P. Charlock, C. K. Rutledge, T. Zhang, V. E. Roback, J. Redemann, and P. V. Hobbs

  11:00 AM
Airborne measurements of aerosol optical depth and columnar water vapor in support of the Chesapeake Lighthouse and Aircraft Measurements for Satellites (CLAMS) experiment, 2001
Jens Redemann, NASA/Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA; and B. Schmid, J. M. Livingston, P. B. Russell, J. A. Eilers, P. V. Hobbs, R. Kahn, W. L. Smith Jr., B. N. Holben, C. K. Rutledge, M. C. Pitts, M. I. Mishchenko, B. Cairns, J. V. Martins, and T. P. Charlock

  11:15 AM
Airborne measurements of aerosol mass and composition, and aerosol light scattering and absorption coefficients, off the United States east coast in CLAMS
Peter V. Hobbs, University of Washington, Seattle, WA; and T. W. Kirchstetter, S. Gao, T. Novakov, J. Redemann, and J. V. Martins

  11:30 AM
Coffee Break