11th Conference on Atmospheric Radiation and the 11th Conference on Cloud Physics

Session 2: Earth Radiation Budget and Climate

Tuesday, 4 June 2002: 8:30 AM-11:59 AM
Organizer:  James A. Coakley, Oregon State Univ.
  8:30 AM
Beyond ERBE: A CERES Radiation Data Overview
Bruce A. Wielicki, NASA/LARC, Hampton, VA; and C. Science Team

  8:45 AM
Radiometric Performance of the Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) Flight Models 1 and 2 on the Terra Spacecraft
Kory J. Priestley, NASA/LARC, Hampton, VA; and S. Thomas, P. Spence, and A. AL Hajjah

  9:00 AM
  9:45 AM
Looking at Angular Directional Models from GOES
Michael J. Garay, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ; and R. Davies

  10:00 AM
Seasonal and Diurnal Variations of Cloud Properties Derived for CERES from VIRS and MODIS Data
Patrick Minnis, NASA/LARC, Hampton, VA; and D. F. Young, B. A. Weilicki, D. P. Kratz, P. W. Heck, S. Sun-Mack, Q. Z. Trepte, Y. Chen, S. L. Gibson, and R. R. Brown

Poster PDF (503.7 kB)
  10:15 AM
New geostationary-enhanced CERES monthly mean radiative fluxes and cloud properties
David F. Young, NASA/LARC, Hampton, VA; and B. A. Wielicki, T. Wong, M. A. Haeffelin, D. R. Doelling, and J. S. Boghosian

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  10:30 AM
Validation of CERES/MODIS Cloud Property Retrievals Using Ground-based Measurements Obtained at the DOE ARM SGP Site
Xiquan Dong, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT; and P. Minnis, S. Sun-Mack, and G. G. Mace

  10:45 AM
Relationship of Tropical Circulation and Energetics using Retrieved Surface and Atmospheric Radiation Budget (SARB) for January—August 1998
Thomas P. Charlock, NASA/LARC, Hampton, VA; and F. G. Rose, D. A. Rutan, D. P. Kratz, Z. Jin, L. H. Coleman, and Q. Fu


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Global Cooling Following the Eruption of Mt. Pinatubo: A Test of Climate Feedback by Water Vapor

  11:01 AM
New CERES data examined for evidence of Tropical Iris feedback
Lin H. Chambers, NASA/LARC, Hampton, VA; and B. Lin and D. F. Young

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  11:16 AM
Coffee Break

  11:46 AM
Subtropical dryness change mediating water vapor negative area feedback in the tropics (Formerly Poster P2.16)
B. J. Sohn, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea; and J. Schmetz