Poster Session P3.6 Observations of turbulence during BAMEX missions

Tuesday, 5 October 2004
Diana L. Bartels, NOAA/ERL/FSL, Boulder, CO; and F. Caracena, B. D. Jamison, S. E. Koch, and E. I. Tollerud

Handout (896.8 kB)

We seek to study the spatial distribution of turbulence relative to the location within a mesoscale convective system. The BAMEX (Bow-Echo and MCV Experiment) project conducted between May 20 - July 5 2003 over the central United States provides an opportunity to begin this study. Of the various MCS missions during BAMEX, the flight of 10 June 2003 (IOP 7) was particularly interesting from a turbulence perspective. The NOAA P3 flew at 16000 ft. in the notch region behind the bowing segment of the MCS. The on-board Doppler radar showed the aircraft was located at the interface of descending rear-inflow and ascending front-to-rear flow. This was also a highly electrical region and subsequent P3 flights were all conducted at lower altitudes. We hope to obtain and analyze 40-hz accelerometer data in order to calculate the eddy dissipation rate. The diagnosed turbulent regions can then be compared with the radar reflectivity data. In addition, numerous dropsondes were deployed from the lear jet, both in the inflow region of the MCS and later within the system's anvil.
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