11th Conference on Satellite Meteorology and Oceanography



Xuemei Wang, Zhongshan Univ., Guangzhou, China

Shajiao Power Station is one of the biggest power station in Guangdong,which is near the Hongkong. According to monitoring data in this district, the frequency of acid rain is more than 56.6%.Besides the affection of Shajiao Power Station,the Mawan Power Station of Hongkong and Qingshan Power Station also have influence to this district. In order to meditation the atmospheric environmental quality of this district integratedly,remote-sensing technology is used to investigate the restrict of Shajiao Power Station in Guangdong of China. Physical mechanism of Satellite photo-elements remote-sensing information is analyzed. Models of remote-sensing identification and management of emitted gas are established and the information of gas diffusion are taken out. Photo-elements information can be divided into simple superposition of basic information types---such as soil, vegetation, water--- and polluted air information. Through image radiation updating, atmospheric updating , retrieval of information losing and image sharpening, it is the first time to get the cumulative concentration information from TM satellite data. The results show that the pollution information can exhibit the atmospheric pollution situation of Power Station region objectively and imagingly.

Poster Session 1, Environmental Applications
Monday, 15 October 2001, 9:45 AM-11:15 AM

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