11th Conference on Satellite Meteorology and Oceanography

Thursday, 18 October 2001
Quality Control and Preliminary Data Analysis of the Interferometric Monitor for Greenhouse Gases (IMG) Data Set
Robin L. Tanamachi, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and V. P. Walden, S. A. Ackerman, and R. O. Knuteson
Terrestrial and atmospheric radiance data were collected from the Interferometric Monitor for Greenhouse Gases (IMG) onboard the polar-orbiting ADEOS spacecraft between October 1996 and June 1997. The IMG instrument consisted of a Michelson-type broadband infrared Fourier transform spectrometer (FTS) that measured raw uncalibrated interferograms for three different infrared bands. We have been working to assess the quality of the data collected by IMG and flag data sequences where the IMG instrument appears to be malfunctioning or the data has not been correctly calibrated. Some preliminary data analysis products derived from the IMG data set will also be presented, including cloud detection algorithm results and land surface emissivity studies involving several different types of land cover. For example, difference in the surface emissivity between the sub-Saharan savanna region and the Congo rain forest will be shown. This work has implications for future atmospheric and terrestrial studies relating to climate change.

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