12th Conference on Middle Atmosphere

Wednesday, 6 November 2002
Lidar measurements of middle atmosphere gravity wave climatology at Davis, Antarctica
Andrew R. Klekociuk, Australian Antarctic Division, Kingston, Tasmania, Australia; and R. A. Vincent, A. J. Dowdy, J. L. Innis, and M. M. Lambert
We present initial results from a study of gravity wave activity above Davis, Antarctica (68S, 78E) during 2001 and 2002. The observations used in this study consist of balloon-borne radiosonde measurements below 30km and Rayleigh lidar soundings between 30km and 60km.

Gravity wave potential energy densities, particularly in the lower stratosphere, peaked during the spring, and decreased significantly following the breakup of the polar vortex. The seasonal cycle is compared with other high latitude sites, and the role of critical level filtering in modifying gravity wave activity is examined.

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