13th Conference on Mesoscale Processes


Proposal for sunlight shield system to decrease cyclone power

Hideyo Murakami, Tohwa University, Fukuoka-City, Japan

The Earth is getting warmer because excess carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere. We are anxious that a cyclone power is also getting bigger. In order to decrease a cyclone effect on human lives, cyclone characteristics have been studied, measured and analyzed. And movement of the cyclone can be predicted and broadcasted. On the basis of the cyclone movement prediction, a bank is constructed and people take refuse.

This paper makes a proposal to decrease cyclone power by means of a Sunlight Shield System which floats in the air at an attitude of about 18000 meters on an eye of the cyclone. The Sunlight Shield System is composed of a movement function, a sunlight shield function and a float function. The float function is realized by a vinyl flat broad air mattress which is filled up with helium gas instead of air. For an example, length, width and thickness of the air mattress are equal to 10,000 meters, 10,000 meters and 4 meters. The movement function is realized by a remote control air ship which is connected to a center of the air mattress. The sunlight shield function is realized by an air mattress surface material. For an example, the air mattress surface has aluminum film, and reflects sunlight to the sky. Therefore, the Sunlight Shield System makes a shadow on the earth and sunlight energy does not reach to the earth. The shadow portion of the earth is cooled by the shadow of the Sunlight Shield System. Then a center of a cyclone has higher atmospheric pressure in comparison to a condition that the Sunlight Shield System is not applied, and a power of the cyclone decreases. An amount of the cooling energy is equal to it of reflecting sunlight energy, and is equal to about 108 kilo watt. In different words, this condition is roughly equivalent to that the cyclone is cooled by about 2.2 x 106 dry ice ton/day.In order to decrease a power of a bigger cyclone, many Sunlight Shield Systems may be necessary, or lager size of the Sunlight Shield System may be required.

This paper considers a cost and requirement for the Sunlight Shield System too.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2009, 2:30 PM-4:00 PM, Arches/Deer Valley

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