15th Conference on Applied Climatology
13th Symposium on Meteorological Observations and Instrumentation


A GIS approach to site selection for the NWS Modernized Cooperative Network

William G. McPherson Jr., Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and M. Yuan

A GIS-based site selection procedure for the US National Weather Service's COOP Modernization Program is being studied. Our goal is to develop a methodology that will aid the site selection process, provide consistency in site assessment and selection from state to state, and reduce the number of person-hours involved in selecting sites nationwide. We will discuss (1) GIS modeling efforts to find sites that meet the desired siting goals where no automated stations previously exist; (2) GIS tools to assist in establishing communication links from the stations to nearby National Law Enforcement Telecommunication System terminals; (3) GIS tools to analyze areas where existing meteorological stations may be used with COOP Modernization; (4) field survey experiences that are used to improve the GIS design; (5) and differences in the GIS effort between New England and the southeastern states. .

Joint Session 1, National and International Observing Networks (Joint with Applied Climatology, SMOI, and AASC)
Tuesday, 21 June 2005, 9:30 AM-10:30 AM, North & Center Ballroom

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