9 Observing layout, field experiment of Southwest China vortex and its applications in weather research and forecast

Monday, 18 August 2014
Aviary Ballroom (Catamaran Resort Hotel)
Yueqing Li, Institute of Plateau Meteorology,China Meteorological Administration, Chengdu, China

The Southwest China vortex (SCV) is a very important influence system for the precipitation weather of China, specially, during summer half year. The torrential rain caused by SCV is the second after it caused by typhoon in intensity, frequency and coverage. And the torrential rain of SCV is also a much complex and distinctive torrential rain in China. SCV and its torrential rain are always a key scientific problem in weather science. But, it is not very clear about SCV and its severe weather because of the absence of meteorological station and the sparse of observing data. The research and the understanding are seriously restricted on SCV and its torrential rain.

Based on the situation of scientific research and operational forecast for SCV, this paper discuss the Observing layout, field experiment of SCV and its importance for the basic data. And the intensive observation scientific experiment of SCV has been carried out in summer from 2010 to 20103. The intensive observation data for SCV activities and its weather processes has been obtained, and using the multi-source data from the surface, radiosonde, radar and satellite observation, the basic feature and anomalous mechanism of SCV have been deeply and refinedly researched, which further reveal the structural feature, development process and weather influence of SCV. Furthermore, the radiosonde data assimilation, from the intensive observation scientific experiment of SCV, obviously improves the operation ability of the numerical weather forecast in Southwest China. In a word, it is necessary to optimize the observation network, reinforce the field experiment and expand data application for the research and forecast of SCV and its torrential rain.

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