Session 10 Stratospheric Climate Change

Thursday, 11 June 2009: 10:20 AM-12:20 PM
Host: 15th Conference on Middle Atmosphere
Judith Perlwitz, CIRES/Univ. of Colorado and NOAA-ESRL, Cires, Boulder, CO
Terry Nathan, Univ. of California, Atmospheric Science Program, Davis, CA

10:20 AM
Data analysis and a GCM simulation of the decadal temperature variation in the Arctic lower stratosphere in winter and spring
Wookap Choi, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, Republic of (South); and D. Kim and Y. Kim
10:40 AM
Evidence for recent stratospheric circulation changes from multiple measurement sources
Eric A. Ray, NOAA/ESRL/CSD, Boulder, CO; and F. L. Moore, J. W. Elkins, D. Hurst, K. H. Rosenlof, A. Engel, and S. J. Oltmans
11:00 AM
11:20 AM
Simulated anthropogenic changes in the Brewer-Dobson circulation, including its extension to high latitudes
Charles McLandress, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada; and T. G. Shepherd
11:40 AM
Mechanisms and feedbacks causing changes in upper stratospheric ozone
Luke Oman, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD; and D. Waugh, S. R. Kawa, R. S. Stolarski, A. R. Douglass, and P. A. Newman
12:00 PM
Predicted changes in stratospheric ozone fluxes into the troposphere due to a changing climate
Michaela I. Hegglin, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada; and T. G. Shepherd

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