18th Symposium on Boundary Layers and Turbulence

Poster Session 2



P2.1Sodar retrievals of the temperature structure parameter  
Barbara J. Brooks, University of Leeds, Leeds, England; and I. M. Brooks
 P2.2Comparison of vertical boundary-layer profiles from AMDAR to a wind profiler  
C. Drüe, University of Hannover, Hannover, Germany; and A. Hoff and T. Hauf
P2.3A balloon-borne turbulence system  
Ian M. Brooks, University of Leeds, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom; and M. Hill, B. J. Brooks, C. E. Birch, and S. J. Norris
 P2.4Turbulence effects on wind turbines: A wind-tunnel study  
Leonardo Chamorro, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN; and Y. T. Wu and F. Porté-Agel
 P2.5Influence of turbulent mixing and air circulation in the lower atmosphere on fetch areas of selected WMO Global Atmosphere Watch baseline air pollution stations  extended abstract
Wlodek Zahorowski, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Menai, NSW, Australia; and S. Chambers, C. H. Kang, J. Crawford, S. Werczynski, and A. G. Williams
 P2.6ModObs: “Atmospheric modelling for wind energy, climate and environment applications: exploring added value from new observation technique”. Work in progress within an European FP6 Marie Curie Research Training Network  
Anna Maria Sempreviva, Italian National Council of Research / Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, Rome, Italy; and L. L. Soerensen, H. E. Joergensen, A. Sood, B. Tammelin, T. Vimha, T. Neumann, F. Chęruy, G. Liberti, A. Lanotte, U. Rizza, M. Miglietta, A. Rutgersson, A. S. Smedman, I. Esau, L. E. Jensen, L. C. Christensen, B. Furevik, O. Saetra, M. Khalil, R. Wagner, K. Suselj, B. Canadillas, L. Claveri, A. Catarino, M. Cassol, L. Velea, A. Semedo, and T. Hansson
 P2.7The spectral dynamics analysis of the transitions periods in the convective boundary Layer  
A. Goulart, Universidade Federal do Pampa, Alegrete, Brazil; and M. T. Vilhena, P. M. M. Soares, and D. M. Moreira
 P2.8Spatial features of bora related turbulence  
ŽEljko Večenaj, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia; and D. Belusic, V. Grubisic, and B. Grisogono
 P2.9Atmospheric turbulence characteristics in central London  
Curtis R. Wood, The Univ. of Reading, Reading, United Kingdom; and J. Barlow, S. E. Belcher, A. Dobre, A. Tomlin, A. Balogun, J. Tate, A. Robins, S. Arnold, D. Martin, D. Shallcross, R. Britter, M. Neophytou, R. Colville, H. Apsimon, and H. Wang

Monday, 9 June 2008: 5:00 PM-7:00 PM

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