17 The Influence of Mountains and Rocks on Meteorological Processes

Tuesday, 26 June 2018
New Mexico/Santa Fe Room/Portal (La Fonda on the Plaza)
Gizo Vashakidze, Institute of Applied Ecology at Tbilisi State University of Iv. Javakhishvili (TSU), Tbilisi, Georgia

The influence of mountains and rocks on meteorological processes

The purpose of the study was to reconstruct the possible impact of the thermal effect of megastructures (artificial rocks) created by the ancient civilization, on the local microclimate. Based on the analysis of the climatic conditions of the Ancient Egypt, taking into account the laboratory experiments, the uneven distribution of temperature results known to the science as well as the inscriptions left by the ancient civilization on megastructures, an unprecedented phenomenon was fixed, in particular, the existence of structures that promoted artificial formation of tornadoes in the Ancient Egypt was discovered.

In the study, we have taken into account the humid climate that existed in the Ancient Egypt, as well as the period when heavy rainfalls raised the level of the Nile and the area around the pyramid was covered in water for about 6 months. Reconstruction of the historical picture has presented to us a situation in which a human through the artificial change of the landscape (the construction of the pyramid) creates an artificial rock, which mirror-polished white wall by the angle of inclination of 52 degrees directs the midday summer sun rays to heat the surrounding water. Total radiation contributes to the rise up of water vapor. In the case of cloud formation begins cooling period. It is known, that the water preserves the temperature for a long time, and a white stone (from which the pyramid-artificial rock was built) is rapidly cooled, which causes a sharp jump in temperature with the location of a cool center - a hot environment, which, in turn, facilitates the formation of vertical airflows moving opposite each other: in the area around the pyramid - the upward flow of humid air, and in the area of the pyramid itself, i.e. of the cold artificial rocks – downward airflow.

This process can cause the formation of a specific form of clouds, stimulating tornado. This idea of the Egyptians was substantiated by of their religious beliefs. The Egyptians believed that a tornado by its suction force could taket he Pharaoh’s soul to the heaven. This idea is reproduced in the legends where the “RA” rider descends on the pyramid and takes the pharaoh’s soul to the heaven.

It is possible that in the Ancient Egypt, they called tornado “the Ra’s rider”. Inscriptions inside the pyramids show a sketch of the initial phase of tornadoes, located next to the figure of the pyramid-. These characters tell us about the relationship tbetween the pyramid (artificial rocks) and tornadoes. Currently the pyramid do not have external cladding made of white stone, and the humidity in Egypt has also declined. Consequently, the oldest artificial range is now lacking the main driving force – “the engine, so that the range does not operate any more.

In the United States there are many objects that contribute to an uneven distribution of temperature, these are rocks, canyons, etc. These objects at a certain period of time contribute to the formation of clouds, which stimulates the tornado. Clouds of a certain shape move and spread over a wide area, and if they reach a place where there are other conditions necessary to generate a tornado, then the emergence of this natural phenomenon becomes irreversible.

The study has also shown that the clouds having the shape stimulating tornado are formed not only at the above-mentioned objects, (rocks, mountain...) but can be formed anywhere (in the open field, or in the ocean...). In the process of cloud formation during the chaotic relations empty spaces remain between the various layers of cloud. Through these spaces cold air can get to the bottom of the cloud area where condensation process begins around the cold center. Direct continuation of this process is the spiral movement of air and the generation of a tornado.

In the United States both events of formation of a cloud that stimulates the tornado generation can occur simultaneously, which determines a large number of tornadoes. There is a need to create a new generation of devices with which it will be possible to fix a mass of cold air accumulated under the cloud which stimulates a tornado. Artificial impact in this area will diminish the preconditions for generating tornadoes in the beginning.

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