Poster Session 6 Urban Posters - Urban Parameterizations

Monday, 2 August 2010: 6:00 PM-7:30 PM
Shavano Peak (Keystone Resort)
Host: Ninth Symposium on the Urban Environment

Application of the ACASA model in urban environments: two case studies
Serena Marras, University of Sassari; CMCC, Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change, IAFENT Division, Sassari, Italy; and D. Spano, R. D. Pyles, M. Falk, R. L. Snyder, and K. T. Paw U

Recent developments and evaluation of the LUMPS-NARP urban land surface scheme
Thomas Loridan, King's College London, London, United Kingdom; and S. Grimmond, B. Offerle, D. Young, T. E. L. Smith, and L. Järvi

Snow, vegetation, and asymmetric canyons in the Canadian version of the Town Energy Balance (TEB) urban-canopy scheme
Maria Abrahamowicz, EC, Dorval, QC, Canada; and S. Bélair, S. Leroyer, N. Gauthier, S. Z. Husain, J. Mailhot, and A. Lemonsu

Estimation of the formation and evolution of surface temperatures in the urban canopy layer: using SOLENE model and its assessment
Joon Ho Lee, Research Institute on Urban Sciences and Techniques, IRSTV FR CNRS 2488, Nantes, France; and P. G. Mestayer

Evaluation of urban surface parameterizations using measurements during the Texas Air Quality 2006 field campaign
Sang-Hyun Lee, CIRES/Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, CO; and S. W. Kim, W. M. Angevine, C. J. Senff, and S. C. Tucker

Improving surface-layer forecasting in urban environments with a mesoscale atmospheric model
Syed Zahid Husain, Environment Canada, Dorval, QC, Canada; and S. Bélair, S. Gaudreault, and J. Mailhot

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