13 Temperature Characteristics and Forecast of Chongli in China in Complex Terrain

Thursday, 16 July 2020
Virtual Meeting Room
Li Jiangbo Sr., Hebei Meteorological Observatory, shijiazhuang, China

The general characteristics of the temperature of the two venue groups of Genting and Ancient Poplar in the Chongli competition area were analyzed using conventional observation data , automatic station data, and NCEP / NCAR reanalysis data. Combined with the basic principles of mountain meteorology, the different characteristics and causes of temperature caused by complex terrain under the background of strong cold air and weak cold air are studied. The results show that: (1) each cold air activity will bring cloud tops and ancient poplar trees The temperature of the two arenas reversed. When the strong cold air process comes, the system wind speed increases, and the temperature in Genting District is lower than that of the ancient poplar trees. After the cold air degenerates, the pressure field weakens, the system wind speed decreases, and the heat-driven downslope wind and down valley wind cause the cool lake in the valley , Causing the temperature of the ancient poplar arena to be lower than Genting; (2) Under the background of strong cold air, the temperature of Genting arena is lower than the ancient poplar arena by about 4 ° C; the daily temperature difference between the two venue groups is not much different, Genting: 8 -10 ℃, ancient poplar 10-11 ℃; the difference between the night temperature of the two regions is significantly smaller than during the day. (3) Under the control of weak cold air or heating group, the lowest temperature in Genting arena is about 4 ° C higher than that of the ancient poplar arena; the lowest temperature appears: Genting appears on the eve of the night, and then rises slowly the night before, and the ancient poplar area appears in the morning The temperature is worse in the day: Genting competition area is 8-10 ℃, the ancient poplar competition area is above 16 ℃, the maximum can reach 23.6 ℃, Genting is significantly smaller than the ancient poplar competition area, and the clearer and lighter the night, the more obvious this difference is. All the temperature differences caused by the cold lake effect in basins and valleys cannot be reported.
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