Session 11A Improving R2O & O2R in the 0–18 Hour Forecast Range Linking Research and Operations to Forecasters’ Needs -Part IV of 5 [WoF]

Wednesday, 15 January 2020: 3:00 PM-4:00 PM
252A (Boston Convention and Exhibition Center)
Host: 10th Conference on Transition of Research to Operations
Anthony Reinhart, CIMMS/Univ. of Oklahoma and NOAA/NSSL, Norman, OK and Young-Joon Kim, NWS, Analyze, Forecast and Support Office, Silver Spring, MD

3:00 PM
User-focused Research to Build a Better Warn-on-Forecast System
Pamela L. Heinselman, NSSL, Norman, OK; and K. H. Knopfmeier, D. C. Dowell, P. S. Skinner, B. Roberts, J. J. Choate, K. A. Wilson, A. J. Clark, I. L. Jirak, B. T. Gallo, K. Hoogewind, N. Yussouf, T. A. Jones, E. R. Mansell, L. J. Wicker, C. Alexander, T. Ladwig, and G. Creager

3:15 PM
NSSL’s Warn-on-Forecast Probabilistic Intense Rainfall Guidance at WPC’s Met Watch Desk during Summer of 2019
Nusrat Yussouf, CIMMS/NSSL, Norman, OK; and P. S. Skinner, K. A. Wilson, M. Erickson, B. C. Matilla, K. H. Knopfmeier, A. Orrison, R. Otto, G. W. Carbin, P. L. Heinselman, J. J. Choate, D. C. Dowell, T. T. Ladwig, T. A. Jones, G. J. Creager, L. J. Wicker, and A. E. Reinhart

3:30 PM
Generating Probabilistic Tornado Guidance in a Warn-on-Forecast System
Patrick S. Skinner, CIMMS, Norman, OK; and B. T. Gallo, S. Beveridge, M. L. Flora, C. Potvin, A. Reinhart, K. H. Knopfmeier, B. T. Smith, and R. L. Thompson

3:45 PM
Tracking and Verifying Heavy Precipitation Objects from NSSL’s Warn-on-Forecast Ensemble
Michael J. Erickson, NOAA/NWS/Weather Prediction Center, College Park, MD; and N. Yussouf, P. S. Skinner, and K. A. Wilson

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