25th Conference on Severe Local Storms


Rear-flank downdraft dynamics in tornadic and non-tornadic supercell thunderstorms

Michael I. Biggerstaff, Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and D. P. Betten, C. L. Ziegler, D. R. MacGorman, L. J. Wicker, D. W. Burgess, and E. R. Mansell

The role of the rear-flank downdraft on the organization and intensification of a low-level mesocyclone in a tornadic supercell has been studied using dual-Doppler data that extends for more than 50 minutes. Combined with observations from VORTEX2, we will document the influence of surges in the rear-flank downdraft on the evolution of low-level mesocyclones and compare tornadic to non-tornadic storms observed during VORTEX2.

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Session 8A, Supercells and Tornadoes: Downdrafts and Cold Pool
Tuesday, 12 October 2010, 1:30 PM-3:00 PM, Grand Mesa Ballroom F

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