9 Net Ecosystem Exchange of Switchgrass in Southern Ontario

Wednesday, 30 May 2012
Rooftop Ballroom (Omni Parker House)
Elke Eichelmann, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA; and C. Wagner-Riddle and J. Warland

In the last couple of years, Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) has gained importance as a feedstock for biofuel. A thorough assessment of greenhouse gas (GHG) fluxes associated with feedstock production is needed to compare different types of fuels. To improve life cycle analysis of Switchgrass direct GHG flux measurements are needed under various climatic conditions. In December 2011 we started eddy covariance measurements of CO2 and latent heat fluxes over a Switchgrass field in Southern Ontario. Switchgrass was established six years ago on this 60-ha commercial field. Therefore, the flux results are expected to be representative for commercial Switchgrass farming under the climatic conditions of Southern Ontario. The measurements will be running for at least 2 years and will give deeper insight into the carbon cycle of Switchgrass in a cold climate. The first results from winter and spring 2012 will be presented. A comparison study of two eddy covariance systems set up at the same location, one using an open path analyzer and the other one using a tunable diode laser trace gas analyzer for CO2, will also be presented.
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