Joint Session 10 Remote Sensing of the Terrestrial Biosphere, Part I

Thursday, 31 May 2012: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
Press Room (Omni Parker House)
Hosts: (Joint between the First Conference on Atmospheric Biogeosciences; and the 30th Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology )
Eloïse Ann Marais, Harvard University, Earth and Planetary Sciences/Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group, Cambridge, MA

10:30 AM
Satellite-based constraints on seasonal methanol emissions from terrestrial landscapes
Dylan B. Millet, Univ. of Minnesota, Saint Paul, MN; and K. C. Wells, L. Hu, K. Cady-Pereira, Y. Xiao, M. W. Shephard, C. Clerbaux, L. Clarisse, P. F. Coheur, E. C. Apel, J. de Gouw, C. Warneke, H. B. Singh, A. H. Goldstein, and B. C. Sive
11:00 AM
Long-Term Global Observations of Tropospheric Formaldehyde Retrieved From Spaceborne Nadir UV Sensors
Isabelle De Smedt, BIRA-IASB, Brussels, Belgium; and M. Van Roozendael, T. Stavrakou, and M. Jean-François
11:30 AM
Inferring isoprene emissions from Africa using OMI observations of formaldehyde columns
Eloïse Ann Marais, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA; and D. J. Jacob, D. B. Millet, T. Kurosu, K. Chance, S. Casadio, J. G. Murphy, C. E. Reeves, G. Mills, J. Mao, and F. Paulot
11:45 AM
Novel Laser Systems for CO2 Source Identification – An Isotope Approach
Julianna Fessenden, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM; and S. Clegg, S. Humphries, and T. Rahn
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