31st International Conference on Radar Meteorology

Poster Session 3C

 Radar Echo Classification/Data Quality Control Poster
 P3C.1Evaluating the calibrations of radars: A software approach  extended abstract
Jonathan J. Gourley, CIMMS/Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and B. Kaney and R. A. Maddox
 P3C.2Range-Velocity Ambiguity Mitigation Schemes for the Enhanced Terminal Doppler Weather Radar  extended abstract
John Y. N. Cho, MIT Lincoln Lab, Lexington, MA; and G. R. Elkin and N. G. Parker
 P3C.3Radar-based precipitation classification in the Baltic Sea area  
Andi Walther, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany; and R. Bennartz and J. Fischer
 P3C.4Radar Operations Center Data Quality Initiative  extended abstract
Charles A. Ray, RS Information Systems, Norman, OK; and M. Miller and J. N. Chrisman
 P3C.5Real-Time WSR-88D Velocity Data Quality Control on Bird Detection  extended abstract
Pengfei Zhang, CIMMS/Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and S. Liu, L. Bi, and Q. Xu
 P3C.6Radar-based hail detection: impact of height assignment errors on the measured vertical profiles of reflectivity  extended abstract
Laurent Delobbe, Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (RMI), Brussels, Belgium; and I. Holleman
 P3C.7Non-traditional radar method of investigation of cloud environments  extended abstract
Iori F. Kouznetsov, High–Mountain Geophysical Institute, Nalchik, Russia
 P3C.8Radar Calibration Using a Trihedral Corner Reflector  extended abstract
Brooks E. Martner, NOAA Environmental Technology Laboratory, Boulder, CO; and K. A. Clark and B. W. Bartram
 P3C.9Efforts to improve the monitoring of the French radar network  
Pierre Tabary, Centre de Météorologie Radar - Météo France, Trappes, France
 P3C.10Continuing Enhancement of the WSR-88D Precipitation Processing Subsystem  extended abstract
Tim O'Bannon, NOAA/NWS/Radar Operations Center, Norman, OK; and F. Ding
P3C.11Calibration efforts at Camagüey MRL-5 radar station  extended abstract
Orlando L. Rodríguez, Centro Meteorologico de Camaguey, Camaguey, Cuba; and L. L. Fernández, A. A. Pena, R. A. Naranjo, M. A. Perez, A. Barreiras, and W. J. Pozas
 P3C.12A solar alignment technique for determining mobile radar pointing angles  extended abstract
Nettie R. Arnott, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA; and Y. P. Richardson, J. M. Wurman, and J. Lutz

Friday, 8 August 2003: 1:30 PM-3:30 PM

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