32nd Conference on Broadcast Meteorology/31st Conference on Radar Meteorology/Fifth Conference on Coastal Atmospheric and Oceanic Prediction and Processes

Sunday, 10 August 2003: 4:45 PM
3D street-level weather animations
Kenneth Reeves, AccuWeather, Inc., State College, PA; and M. A. Steinberg and J. Long
Recent advances in PC technology have enabled the ability to create high-resolution 3-D animations orders of magnitude faster than ever before possible with television weather graphics systems. Animations that used to take hours now take only a few minutes, and it is even possible to control and render these animations in real time.

These FlyThruŽ animations can use street-level base maps with resolutions as great at 0.7 meters, which can be seamlessly incorporated within maps of 15, 30, 150 and 300 meter resolution.

With these animations, it is easy to select any desired flight path, and to show realistic clouds, precipitation, terrain and a variety of weather icons. This enables detailed presentations of current weather that show the variations across any desired area.

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