32nd Conference on Broadcast Meteorology/31st Conference on Radar Meteorology/Fifth Conference on Coastal Atmospheric and Oceanic Prediction and Processes

Tuesday, 12 August 2003: 8:00 AM
Hazardous winter weather a radar perspective
Robert M. Rauber, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL
In this invited talk, I will present an overview of recent uses of radar in hazardous winter weather conditions. I will review studies of winter storms using specialized radar systems such as ELDORA. My talk will focus on mesoscale aspects of winter storms detectable with radar, such as banding and mesoscale circulations. I will also discuss the potential uses of, and problems with the WSR-88D network in detecting and making quantitative measurements in areas of snowfall, freezing rain and sleet.

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