32nd Conference on Broadcast Meteorology/31st Conference on Radar Meteorology/Fifth Conference on Coastal Atmospheric and Oceanic Prediction and Processes

Session 8A: Severe Weather II

Sunday, 10 August 2003: 10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Chair:  Howie Bluestein, University of Oklahoma
  10:30 AM
The vertical structure of the Happy, Texas tornado of 5 May 2002: Mobile, W-band, Doppler-radar observations
Howard B. Bluestein, Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and C. C. Weiss and A. L. Pazmany

  10:45 AM
Physical origin of a microburst seen by radar profiler
David Atlas, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and C. W. Ulbrich and C. R. Williams

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  11:00 AM
Severe weather warning application development at NSSL using multiple-radars and multiple-sensors
Gregory J. Stumpf, CIMMS/Univ. of Oklahoma and NOAA/NSSL, Norman, OK; and T. M. Smith, K. L. Manross, V. Lakshmanan, and K. D. Hondl


  11:15 AM
Diagnosed structure of the Mulhall, Oklahoma Tornado
Wen-Chau Lee, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and J. Wurman

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  11:30 AM
Preliminary Stability Analyses of the DOW-Observed Mulhall, OK Tornado
Michael T. Montgomery, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO; and W. Terwey, W. Lee, M. M. Bell, and J. Wurman

Comparison of single and multiple vortex tornado doppler velocities from the DOWs

  12:00 PM
The "Owl Horn" radar signature in developing Southern-Plains thunderstorms
Matthew R. Kramar, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and H. B. Bluestein, A. L. Pazmany, and J. D. Tuttle

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  12:15 PM
Doppler Radar Observation of Winter Tornadoes over the Japan Sea (Formerly paper number, P4a.7)
Fumiaki Kobayashi, National Defense Academy, Yokosuka, Japan

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