32nd Conference on Radar Meteorology


W-band ARM cloud radar

James B. Mead, ProSensing Inc., Amherst, MA; and K. Widener

The W-Band ARM Cloud Radar (WACR) is a dual polarization 95 GHz radar that will be deployed at the SGP CART site in June, 2005. The WACR system will be installed in the existing MMCR shelter, and will provide continuous zenith pointing measurements of clouds to compliment measurements provided by MMCR. Built by ProSensing Inc. of Amherst, MA, the WACR system include a high peak power (1.5 kW) EIKA transmitter, low noise receiver, and PC-based digital receiver. The system employs internal calibration circuitry to monitor receiver noise figure and gain as well as transmitter output power. An electronically controlled deflector plate mounted on the roof of the MMCR shelter will be used to periodically illuminate a tower-mounted corner reflector for overall system calibration. Joint observations with the WACR and MMCR systems will provide dual wavelength data for improved cloud parameter estimation. The WACR system will be less sensitive than MMCR to backscatter from insects, due to Mie scattering effects and reduced antenna gain. This difference in scattering will be used to discriminate between insects and clouds in the atmospheric boundary layer.

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Poster Session 1R, Mm-wave radar and CloudSat
Monday, 24 October 2005, 1:15 PM-3:00 PM, Alvarado F and Atria

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