11th Conference on Mesoscale Processes
32nd Conference on Radar Meteorology

Joint Session 4J

 Radar Studies of Mesoscale Banded Structures (Joint with 32Radar and 11Mesoscale)
 Chair: Isztar Zawadzki, McGill Univ., Montreal, QC Canada
3:30 PMJ4J.1Keynote Talk: Tropospheric Mesoscale Gravity Waves  
Fuqing Zhang, Texas A&M Univ., College Station, TX
4:00 PMJ4J.2CHILL, Pariicle ID, and MM5: The role of the barrier jet in Meso-g-scale Precipitation distribution in an extreme snowstorm  extended abstract wrf recording
Gregory S. Poulos, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and D. A. Wesley, P. C. Kennedy, and S. A. Rutledge
4:15 PMJ4J.3Analysis of vertical motions in fine scale precipitation bands in winter cyclones using wind profiler doppler spectra  extended abstract wrf recording
Marcia R. Estrem, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, IL; and R. M. Rauber, K. R. Knupp, B. F. Jewett, J. T. Walters, and D. Phillips
J4J.4Examining the role of mesoscale features in the structure and evolution of precipitation regions in northeast winter storms  
Matthew D. Greenstein, SUNY, Albany, NY; and L. F. Bosart, D. Keyser, and D. J. Nicosia
4:30 PMJ4J.4A(Formerly JP4.4) Some 3D aspects of a Striated Cloud Head over New Zealand including radar and raingauge data  extended abstract
Ian D. Miller, MetService of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand
4:45 PMJ4J.5Comparisons of Simulated Kinematic and Moisture Fields with Airborne In-situ and Doppler Radar Observations in a Convective Cold Front over the Eastern Pacific Ocean  extended abstract wrf recording
P. O. G. Persson, CIRES/Univ. of Colorado and NOAA/ETL, Boulder, CO; and J. W. Bao, S. A. Braun, D. P. Jorgensen, B. A. Walter, and M. Han
5:00 PMJ4J.6Observations and numerical simulations of narrow cold-frontal rainbands   wrf recording
Mark T. Stoelinga, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA
5:15 PMJ4J.7The use of simulated radar reflectivity fields in the diagnosis of mesoscale phenomena from high-resolution WRF model forecasts  extended abstract wrf recording
Steven E. Koch, NOAA/ERL/FSL, Boulder, Colorado; and B. S. Ferrier, M. T. Stoelinga, E. J. Szoke, S. J. Weiss, and J. S. Kain

Tuesday, 25 October 2005: 3:30 PM-5:45 PM, Alvarado GH

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