Joint Poster Session JP2J.6 Tropical cyclone wind retrieval using modified TREC method with radial velocity data added

Monday, 24 October 2005
Alvarado F and Atria (Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town)
Kuan-Hsien Lee, Kenting Weather Radar Station, Central Weather Bureau, Pingtung, Taiwan; and H. L. Chin and P. H. Lin

Handout (1.4 MB)

For the purpose of monitoring intensity of tropical cyclone and in consideration of timesaving computation, a single-Doppler radar wind retrieval method for tropical cyclone, based on traditional TREC, is developed. In additional to reflectivity data, radial velocity information is also used. Wind vectors are determined by correlation coefficient matrix from traditional TREC and weighting matrix from Doppler radial velocity data.

The derived winds are generally in close agreement with Aerosonde data obtained in Typhoon CONSON on 9 June 2004. In the meanwhile we have applied this modified TREC method to the other two typhoons in the regions of eyewall and rainband. The results show derived wind fields are more reasonable than traditional TREC results.

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