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A First Look at Turbulence Intensity at Low Altitude in the Eyewall of a Hurricane from Coyote small Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (sUAS)

Ronald J. Dobosy, NOAA and Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Oak Ridge, TN; ORAU, Oak Ridge, TN; and E. J. Dumas Jr., G. H. Bryan, E. A. Kalina, J. A. Zhang, C. Troudt, A. Farber, J. J. Cione, C. B. Baker, T. Lee, A. Aksoy, M. K. Biswas, G. de Boer, B. A. Dahl, C. Fairall, G. R. Halliwell Jr., B. Kent, B. W. Klotz, F. D. Marks, K. Ryan, R. Wiggins, and J. Zawislak