Poster Session P6B.4 The Synchronously integrated Technique in Real Time for Rainfall Estimation using Radar and Raingauge

Tuesday, 7 August 2007
Halls C & D (Cairns Convention Center)
Cuihong Wu, Wuhan Central Weather Office, Wuhan, Hubei, China

Handout (176.4 kB)

The synchronously integrated technique in real time for radar and raingauge is presented in this paper. Because of the discrepancies of temporal and spatial as well as resolution, it is a lasting problem that the same sample correspondence of is difficult. However, there exists the power-law correlation between hourly accumulation of raingauge and radar reflectivity aloft over the rain gauge vertically by analyzing the observation data of them. Based on this fact, the concept of quasi-same rain volume sample which can alleviate the temporal and spatial discrepancies, and the five direct correspondent relationships of are built up. The quite convenient and practical one, time integral vertical synchronous sampling(TIVS), and its relationship with power law are emphatically studied. It's significant that under the fixed component, the coefficient or has the function of the conversion and adjustment and synchronous integration, and obviously reducing the precipitation estimation error caused by detecting resolution differences between radar and gauge. Through the experiments of two rain cases, the result shows that correctness rate of area estimation within 230km is about 90% and the relative error rate of point estimation is about 20%. The availabilities of TIVS are also analyzed in various environmental wind field with wind drifting effect. By analyzing the data pairs of , the effective quality control method is established which can greatly improve the stability and the reasonability of relationship.
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