84th AMS Annual Meeting

Wednesday, 14 January 2004: 3:30 PM
National Weather Service Climate Record Activities
Room 401
Robert J. Leffler, NOAA/NWS Climate Services Division, Silver Spring, MD; and M. Berger, M. J. Brewer, J. Koepsell, and R. E. Livezey
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The National Weather Service Headquarters Climate Services and Observation Services Divisions are responsible for oversight of data stewardship for collection of the nation's weather and climate observations. This includes setting climate requirements for climate observations and soliciting user feedback to evaluate products and services.

As part of a renewed agency commitment to improve data and observation services to the nation, data quality, delivery, and continuity related issues are aggressively being collected, evaluated, validated and prioritized for corrective action. Progress is occurring. However many climate data issues cross-cut multiple NOAA organizations. Evaluation and corrective action require broad coordination with both partners and numerous internal NOAA offices.

In an effort to ensure more timely identification of issues and corrective action, a Climate Data and Observations Issues Committee is being formed to oversee the evaluation and action process. The Committee includes participants from a broad array of climate related organizations within NOAA and its partners, and leverages NWS field staff engaged in the recently developed NWS plan to improve climate services to the nation. The Committee's charter includes identifying and validating national customer-driven climate data issues, and recommending corrective action to address deficiencies.

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