23rd Conference on IIPS


An update on the NWS WSR-88D Level II data collection and distribution networik and plans for changes

Timothy Crum, NOAA/NEXRAD Radar Operations Center, Norman, OK; and S. D. Smith, T. Sandman, J. Casamento, P. Cragg, W. M. Blanchard, and M. J. Istok

The National Weather Service Weather Surveillance Radar-1988, Doppler (WSR-88D) Level II Data Collection and Distribution Network was implemented in 2004. Based on experience and new communications techniques, the network is changing. This change will make the data delivery to users more reliable. In addition, new WSR-88D capabilities are scheduled to be added in 2008 and beyond that may affect how the data are collected and made available to users.

This paper and presentation will provide specifics on the transition of the Level II network to a new communications architecture (based on NOAANet); plans for changing the data format to accommodate the potential collection of Super Resolution data and Dual Polarized data; and other details of interest to the growing list of Level II data users (real time and archive).

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Session 5B, Radar Applications - Part I
Wednesday, 17 January 2007, 8:30 AM-11:30 AM, 217A

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