87th AMS Annual Meeting

Monday, 15 January 2007: 4:45 PM
Microphysics and their linkages to precipitation processes during NAMMA -06
209 (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
Aaron Pratt, Howard University, Washington, DC; and G. S. Jenkins and A. J. Heymsfield
Tropical cyclogenesis is a challenge to forecasters and researchers alike. Many of the processes underlying cyclogenesis are still poorly understood, particularly the microphysics aspect. Additionally, many of these processes are not resolvable by current numerical weather prediction (NWP) and must be parameterized. NASA African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses (NAMMA-06) is a field experiment investigating the West African monsoon, and its relationship to Atlantic Basin tropical cyclones. The microphysical characteristics of convection associated with African Easterly Waves (AEWs) and continental/oceanic mesoscale convective systems will be examined by aircraft (NASA DC-8), land-based radar (N-POL, based in Senegal; TOGA, based in Cape Verde), and satellite (CloudSat). Preliminary results from the DC-8 aircraft missions component of NAMMA-06 will be presented. In particular, the microphysical structure and evolution of convective systems over West Africa and the Eastern Atlantic will be investigated.

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