87th AMS Annual Meeting

Monday, 15 January 2007: 12:00 AM
SCRIBE- Update on EC's forecast production tool
217A (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
Richard E. Jones, EC, Dorval, QC, Canada
Since July 2005 the SCRIBE forecast production tool was implemented within (Environment Canada's) EC's operational production of public forecasts. Through the SCRIBE interface, the Storm Prediction Centes (SPC) edit weather element forecasts which can be used to produce a variety of different products including the public forecasts in both official languages. Icons on EC's principle web site are derived from the transmitted weather element files. The text of the weather bulletins are no longer edited by the forecaster. In the future the city pages used on the web site and the weather element files will be available in XML format. Marine SCRIBE slated for the late fall 2006 will produce marine weather element files, forecast bulletins (in both official languages), MAFOR and NAVTEX bulletins as well as synoptic based weather warnings. These warnings will be used by EC's web site to light the warnings “battle board” and to provide users up-to-date information. In late 2007 the public SCRIBE will likely be extended to day 7 or beyond based on ensemble forecasts. In the plans are SCRIBE - AQ. AQ forecasts will be based on the public weather element forecasts and air quality forecast guidance. Also in the future will be an integration of SCRIBE with NINJO.

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