87th AMS Annual Meeting

Thursday, 18 January 2007: 12:00 PM
WARP Optimal Mosaic Algorithm Evaluation
217A (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
Jeffrey A. Weinrich, Actionet Inc., Atlantic City, NJ; and R. Low
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) WARP Program has sponsored development of an optimal mosaic algorithm to efficiently display weather on the Display System Radar (DSR). The Optimal Mosaic is an algorithm that is intended to correctly identify and removing anomalous propagation (AP) and other false echoes. AP may be mistaken for weather, which can affect air traffic routes. The algorithm compares several radars and determines what is real weather and what is AP. The final product is intended to have all actual weather maintained and AP removed. The ultimate goal remains full deployment of the Optimal Composite mosaic on DSR throughout the CONUS.

Evaluation of this algorithm is based on the comparison of the highest reflectivity and the optimal radars. Supplemental meteorological information in addition to air traffic information will be used to determine conclusions as to the performance of the algorithm. Extensive data collection caused many cases to develop focusing on region and weather conditions. The cases are divided into six regions across the contiguous United States to incorporate all possible scenarios. This includes convective squall line and air mass, stratiform rain and snow, as well as non-weather conditions. Several meteorologists have evaluated this product to determine the preservation of real weather and the removal of AP and Ground Clutter. Once the final stages of the evaluation are complete a determination will be made as to deployment to the operational National Airspace (NAS).

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