87th AMS Annual Meeting

Wednesday, 17 January 2007
Retrieval of sea ice age and concentration using the VIIRS sea ice characterization algorithm: preliminary tests with MODIS proxy data
217D (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
Robert Mahoney, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, Redondo Beach, CA; and I. Appel and M. Kowitt
The VIIRS Sea Ice Characterization algorithm performs retrieval of ice age classification (New/Young, First Year, Multiyear) at 2.4 km spatial resolution and ice sub-pixel concentration (375 m resolution at nadir) using VIIRS 640 nm (I1) and 865 nm (I2) reflectance bands and the 11.5 Ám (I5), 11 Ám (M15) and 12 Ám (M16) thermal infrared bands. Retrieval of New/Young from thicker First Year and Multiyear ice is based on application of a reflectance threshold model for daytime pixels and an energy balance model for night time pixels. Discrimination of First Year ice from Multiyear ice is performed using a filtered distribution of ice reflectance or ice temperature. Retrieval of sea ice concentration is based on reflectance and thermal tie point methods. We provide an overview of the current status of the NPOESS/NPP VIIRS Sea Ice Characterization algorithm and present preliminary results based on functional chain testing using MODIS proxy data.

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