87th AMS Annual Meeting

Saturday, 13 January 2007
The Effect of Terrain on CASA Radars
Chris Gilson, Meteorology Program, Department of Geography, Northern Illinois University, California, PA
High terrain features located within the range of a radar can have a major impact on the radar's ability to accurately measure the intensity of precipitation. Terrain presents its own reflectivity and also inhibits the radar's ability to observe weather features beyond the barrier. Beam blockage is of great concern for the CASA radars which are to be deployed in Puerto Rico. This study is designed to test the beam blockage logic added to the CAPS radar emulator program and to determine the optimum setting for the student test-bed. The software was tested by developing an idealized ridge, comparing simulations to actual reflectivity data, and analyzing data from Tropical Storm Jeanne (2004) at potential radar sites. The radar emulator performed adequately throughout the serious of experiments. A number of potential radar locations have been tested for Puerto Rico and the locations may aid in identifying the ideal setting for the student test-bed.

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