87th AMS Annual Meeting

Session 3: Air Quality Forecasting

Wednesday, 17 January 2007: 10:30 AM-2:15 PM
212A (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
Cochairs:  Steven E. Peckham, NOAA/ESRL/GSD and CIRES-Univ. of Colorado and Robert A. Elleman, Univ. of Washington
  10:30 AM
NOAA-EPA's National Air Quality Forecast Capability: Testing Expanded Capabilities
Paula M. Davidson, NOAA/NWS, Silver Spring, MD; and J. T. McQueen, R. Mathur, R. Draxler, R. A. Wayland, N. Seaman, and K. Carey

  10:45 AM
Update to and Recent Performance of the NAM-CMAQ Modeling system at NCEP operations
Jeffery T. McQueen, NOAA/NWS/NCEP, Camp Springs, MD; and P. C. Lee, M. Tsidulko, S. Lu, G. DiMego, P. M. Davidson, and N. Seaman

  11:00 AM
PBL and ozone verification in NAM-CMAQ modeling system at NCEP
Marina Tsidulko, SAIC/NOAA/NCEP/EMC, Camp Springs, MD; and G. Dimego, M. Ek, J. McQueen, and P. C. Lee

  11:15 AM
On the development of linkage in the vertical coordinate between the WRF-NMM and CMAQ models
Hsin-mu Lin, STC and NOAA/ARL/ERL, Research Triangle Park, NC; and R. Mathur, T. L. Otte, P. C. Lee, and J. Pleim

An Examination of WRF/Chem: Physical Schemes, Nesting Options, and Grid Resolutions

  11:45 AM
Review of 2006 Numerical Air Quality Prediction Performance at Baron Advanced Meteorological Systems
John McHenry, Baron Advanced Meteorological Systems, Raleigh, NC; and D. T. Olerud, W. T. Smith, J. Vukovich, R. E. Imhoff, and C. J. Coats

  12:00 PM
Lunch Break (Cash & Carry Available in the Exhibit Hall)

  1:30 PM
Evaluation of the Airpact-3 Regional Air Quality Forecast System for Ozone and Speciated Aerosols
Jack Chen, Washington State Univ., Pullman, WA; and J. Vaughan, M. Porter, J. Avise, and B. Lamb

  1:45 PM
AIRNow-Tech and AIRNow Gateway: A researcher's resource for air quality data
Timothy S. Dye, Sonoma Technology, Inc., Petaluma, CA; and N. D. Conatser, A. Chan, S. A. Jackson, J. E. White, and P. Dickerson

  2:00 PM
Constraining tropospheric CO using ensemble-based data assimilation
Avelino F. Arellano Jr., NCAR, Boulder, CO; and K. Raeder, J. Anderson, and P. Hess