Third Symposium on Policy and Socio-Economic Research


The WAS * IS (Weather and Society * Integrated Studies) movement: A 2008 update

Eve Gruntfest, CIMMS/Univ. of Oklahoma, Colorado Springs, CO; and J. Demuth, S. D. Drobot, and J. K. Lazo

Since November 2005 146 people have participated in the WAS * IS workshops held in Boulder, CO, Norman, OK, and Melbourne, Australia. WAS * ISers are mostly early career meteorologists, anthropologists, geographers, hydrologists, emergency managers, and others who are committed to actively bringing societal impacts into the weather enterprise (Demuth, et al, 2007).

This presentation has three main goals:

1) To provide an update on the numerous forward-looking roles that WAS * ISers are playing in the AMS, in the universities, in government agencies, private sector, and at research institutes,

2) To summarize key research and applications that are the focus of WAS * ISer work including developing socially-relevant verification measures for the U.S. National Weather Service, improving the communication of uncertainty, developing new methods for public awareness programs to reduce drivers' willingness to ford flooded roads, and developing strategies to assure that the public and private sectors of the weather enterprise move forward in tandem, and,

3) To highlight results of the formal evaluation of the impacts of the WAS * IS movement on the weather enterprise and on the professional development and opportunities for the WAS*ISers.

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Panel Discussion 1, Bridging the Gap: Initiatives Spanning the Physical and Social Sciences
Monday, 21 January 2008, 10:45 AM-11:45 AM, 228-229

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