24th Conference on IIPS

Session 8

 Advances and Applications in Surface Transportation Weather (Continued)
11:00 AM8.5A Next Generation of Observations based on Passenger Vehicles  extended abstract wrf recording
Andrew D. Stern, Noblis, Inc., Falls Church, VA; and P. A. Pisano, P. J. Kennedy, K. R. Petty, and W. P. Mahoney
11:15 AM8.6Web-based weather and a road-state briefing system for highway maintenance decision makers   wrf recording
Peter J. Trevelyan, The U.K. Met Office, Exeter, United Kingdom; and A. M. Radford
11:30 AM8.7Use of a Maintenance Decision Support System to define winter severity indices  extended abstract wrf recording
Jeffrey J. Kuntz, University of North Dakota, Surface Transportation Weather Research Center, Grand Forks, ND; and J. J. Mewes and L. F. Osborne, Jr.
11:45 AM8.8The Use of METRo (Model of the Environment and Temperature of the Roads) in Roadway Operation Decision Support Systems  extended abstract wrf recording
Seth Linden, NCAR, Boulder, CO
12:00 PM8.9Maintenance Decision Support Systems: Research progress and continuing needs  extended abstract wrf recording
John J. Mewes, Meridian Environmental Technology, Inc., Grand Forks, ND; and R. D. Hart, L. F. Osborne, B. Hershey, and D. L. Huft

Thursday, 24 January 2008: 11:00 AM-12:15 PM, 207

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