25th Conference on International Interactive Information and Processing Systems (IIPS) for Meteorology, Oceanography, and Hydrology


NAWIPS Integration with AWIPS II Technology Infusion - Status Update

Scott Jacobs, NOAA/NWS/NCEP, Camp Springs, MD; and D. Plummer, S. Gilbert, S. S. Schotz, J. P. Tuell, and R. K. Henry

NAWIPS is a suite of meteorological and hydrological software used extensively at the National Centers, the River Forecast Centers and select Weather Forecast Offices in the Alaska and Pacific Regions for data display and product creation. In addition, NAWIPS is provided to Unidata for distribution to the university community and private industry. The functionality offered by the NAWIPS system is being migrated to the AWIPS II architecture. The objective of this migration is to support both AWIPS and NAWIPS applications within the same architectural framework. It is not intended to replace one set of applications with the other. Integrating the NAWIPS applications into the same architectural framework provides the foundation for the introduction of new system-wide capabilities that can benefit the entire NWS enterprise.

This paper reports on the current progress of the migration to the AWIPS II architecture and provides a description of the NAWIPS project plan and status.

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Session 8A, Interactive Processing Systems
Wednesday, 14 January 2009, 8:30 AM-9:45 AM, Room 121BC

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