11th Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry
Special Symposium on Aerosol–Cloud–Climate Interactions


Research Experiences for Students in Senegal: Investigating Saharan Dust/Tropospheric Ozone Measurements during June 2008

Rachel Fitzhugh, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; and G. Jenkins

During the June, 2008 Ozonesondes were launched from Dakar Senegal to investigate the impacts of the Saharan Air Layer (SAL) on the vertical distribution of tropospheric ozone. Students from the United States and Senegal prepared the solutions prior to and during the day of the launch. In addition, to the ozonesonde launch, analysis of the vertical profiles of wind, temperature and dew point temperature at Dakar and Aerosol Optical Thickness from a hand-held microtops instrument were examined on a daily basis. Forecasts were prepared prior to the launch to determine if a SAL outbreak occurred. 700 hPa winds were used to determine the phase of African Easterly Waves (AEWs) during the day of the launch. Preliminary results from June 2008 are shown in this presentation.

Joint Poster Session 1, Air quality modeling and evaluation
Monday, 12 January 2009, 2:30 PM-4:00 PM, Hall 5

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