The Anthony J. Hollingsworth Symposium

Session 1

 Anthony Hollingsworth Symposium—I
 Cochairs: David Burridge, Director THORPEX IPO (former Director ECMWF), Reading United Kingdom; Gerald L. Potter, Univ. of California Davis, Davis, CA
8:25 AMWelcoming Remarks by David Burridge  
8:30 AM1.1(Invited Speaker) Recollections of Tony Hollingsworth   wrf recording
Dominique Marbouty Sr., ECMWF, Reading, United Kingdom
8:45 AM1.2(Invited Speaker) ECMWF’s Reanalyses for the Satellite Era   wrf recording
Adrian J. Simmons, ECMWF, Reading, Berks, United Kingdom
9:15 AM1.3(Invited Speaker) Diagnostic evaluation of the ECMWF model using observations  extended abstract wrf recording
Alan K. Betts, Atmospheric Research, Pittsford, VT

Thursday, 15 January 2009: 8:25 AM-9:45 AM, Room 131C

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