21st Conference on Climate Variability and Change

Poster Session 6

 Seasonal-interannual variability
 P6.1Surface energy budget and boundary layer cloud development over the United States Mid-Atlantic region  
Cassie A. Stearns, Howard University, Beltsville, MD; and E. L. Joseph, J. D. Fuentes, M. L. Robjhon, G. A. Davis, M. Adam, and T. Dejene
 P6.2Climatic Variability and Its Trend Over Different Regions of Bangladesh  
Mohammad Shohrab Hossain Sarker, vrije Universiteit Brussel Belgium, London, United Kingdom
 P6.3Northward propagation of the subseasonal variability over the eastern Pacific warm pool  
Xianan Jiang, JPL, Pasadena, CA; and D. E. Waliser
 P6.4A climatology of apparent temperature  extended abstract
Peter A. Browning, NOAA/NWS, Kansas City, MO; and B. P. Walawender
 P6.5Seasonal variation of the atmospheric component of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation  
Catrin M. Mills, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, IL; and J. E. Walsh
 P6.6Diurnal and seasonal wind variability for selected stations in central and northern california climate regions  extended abstract
Charles J. Fisk, Naval Base Ventura County, Point Mugu, CA

Wednesday, 14 January 2009: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM, Hall 5

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