89th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

Monday, 12 January 2009
New Data Products and Capabilities in TRMM Online Visualization and Analysis System (TOVAS)
Hall 5 (Phoenix Convention Center)
Zhong Liu, George Mason University/CSISS, Fairfax, VA and NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and G. G. Leptoukh and H. Rui
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The Goddard Earth Sciences Data Information Services Center (GES DISC) is home of Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) data archive. To facilitate data access and support applications, we have developed the TRMM Online Visualization and Analysis System (TOVAS, URL: http://disc2.nascom.nasa.gov/Giovanni/tovas/) to allow accessing several popular Level-3 TRMM products over the Internet without data and software downloading. Since its debut in 2000, it has been widely used by users from different fields for different research topics and applications. The current TOVAS contains the following products and services:

1) Near-real-time monitoring products:

Experimental Real-Time TRMM Multi-Satellite Precipitation Analysis (TMPA-RT): 3B42RT

Daily Global and Regional Rainfall (TMPA-RT 3B42RT derived

TMPA-RT Intermediate IR Product: 3B41RT (VAR)

TMPA-RT Intermediate Microwave Product: 3B40RT (HQ)

2) Rainfall archive products:

Monthly Global Precipitation (GPCP)

Prototype Interactive Intercomparison of Rainfall Products

3-hourly TRMM and Other Rainfall Estimate (3B42 V6)

Daily TRMM and Other Rainfall Estimate (3B42 V6 derived)

Monthly TRMM and Other Data Sources Rainfall Estimate (3B43 V6)

Monthly Rainfall (3B43 V6) Anomaly

Inter-Comparison of Rainfall Climatology

Monthly TMI rain, latent heat, cloud liquid water profiles (3A12 V6)

Monthly Rainfall (3A25 V6)

3) Ground observation products:

Monthly Willmott and Matsuura Global Precipitation (1950 - 1999)

Monthly GPCC Rainfall (1986 - Present, Monitoring Product)

Basic functions include latitude-longitude map, time series, Hovmoller diagrams, scatter plot, anomaly, ASCII output, inter-comparison, etc.

To meet increasing user demands, we are working on adding new capabilities, such as, additional data download formats, KMZ files for Google Earth, etc. Several new parameters are also being added. This presentation describes the new additions.

Supplementary URL: http://disc2.nascom.nasa.gov/Giovanni/tovas/