89th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

Monday, 12 January 2009: 11:30 AM
New Viewpoints and Vantages from recent NASA Missions
Room 126BC (Phoenix Convention Center)
Richard Fisher, NASA / ESS, Washington, DC
The past two years has seen series of new spacecraft launched toward the goal of investigating the physical properties and physical mechanisms of the dynamics of the solar system as driven by the Sun. New missions now operating include STEREO, HINODE, THEMIS, the contributed instrument on the USAF C/NOFS mission, and potentially the IBEX mission no scheduled for launch in October of 2009. Early results from these missions have yielded insights and information that are not only of research value, but add possibilities for future directions in improvement in space situational awareness. In parallel with this, an older spacecraft, SOHO is now providing SEP predictive capability developed over the operation during 10 years operation over the last maximum in the solar activity cycle.

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