89th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

Monday, 12 January 2009: 11:45 AM
Strategies to Ensure That Satellite Observations Can Be Fully Exploited within Emerging Environmental Systems of Systems
Room 224AB (Phoenix Convention Center)
Carroll A. Hood, Raytheon Company, Aurora, CO
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The value proposition for emerging environmental system of systems (e.g., GEOSS, IEOS, IOOS) is predicted on enabling data, information, product s and services to be easily discovered, accessed, and exploited in ways that extend beyond their original intent. Satellite derived products (e.g, RDRs, TDRs, EDRs) are voluminous, becoming more ubiquitous and have the potential to be applied to a wide range of application domains. Thus, in order for the value of these products to be fully realized by a diverse user community (some of whom may be distant from the traditional set of primary and secondary remote sensing consumers), new and innovative strategies for discovery, access, and integration will need to be created and socialized. A service-oriented approach to overcoming syntactic and semantic barriers to interoperability will be discussed.

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