89th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

Sunday, 11 January 2009
Distribution of Hydrometeors Inside Regions of Vertical Motion in Thunderstorms
Phoenix Convention Center
Jacob R. Beitlich, Univ. if Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and P. K. Wang
This poster will present an in depth look at the distribution of hydrometeors in a thunderstorm using the time-dependant three-dimensional model WISCDYMM. The two cases selected for this study come from two contrasting climate zones, the US High Plains and the Humid Subtropics. The goal of this study is to investigate the distribution of the hydrometeors inside varying intensities of the updraft and downdraft of the storm as it evolves with time. The domain is adjusted to only include certain data at a grid point based at the value of the vertical wind at that point. The data is then integrated over the Z-plane, and the mixing ratios for cloud water, cloud ice , rain , snow , and hail are analyzed. The vertical distributions of hydrometeors in the updraft and downdraft regions in the storms will be examined and the model physics will be used to explain them. The findings of this study will help interpreting observed radar storm data.

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