89th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

Sunday, 11 January 2009
Observed Ozone in the Troposphere and Stratosphere in Varying Atmospheric Conditions
Phoenix Convention Center
Jessica Guerrero, NSF, Howard Beach, NY
This presentation describes the results of investigations of tropospheric and stratospheric ozone in upstate New York, northern Vermont and the NWS/NYC sounding facility in Brookhaven, New York conducted by undergraduate and high school students in the summer of 2008. Additional observations were conducted at the University of Houston, Texas in collaboration with an ongoing program based there. The poster describes the lab and flight preparation for the ozone observations as well as modifications and enhancements for data retrieval including a reduced cost technique for using GPS receivers. The poster also describe the profiles obtained over the summer, and compares and contrasts the observed ozone in the troposphere in varying atmospheric conditions together with the forward and backward trajectories to analyze the flow at different atmospheric levels. The observations conducted were part of a summer research opportunity supported by an NSF Geoscience Diversity Award (NSF GEO-0703585), the NASA New York State Space Grant Consortium and the NASA New York City Research Initiative.

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