89th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

Session 10: Air pollution in mega cities in the world

Thursday, 15 January 2009: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
Room 127A (Phoenix Convention Center)
Cochairs:  Wallace McMillan, University of Maryland and Satoru Chatani, Japan Petroleum Energy Center
  3:30 PM
Applying the Aerosol Modeling Testbed to assess modal and sectional predictions of particulates and aerosol radiative forcing downwind of a megacity
Jerome D. Fast, PNNL, Richland, WA; and W. I. Gustafson Jr., E. G. Chapman, G. A. Grell, S. Peckham, and R. Schmitz

  3:45 PM
Validation of the 3-D air quality simulation based on OH reactivity over Tokyo metropolitan area
Satoru Chatani, Japan Petroleum Energy Center, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; and N. Shimo, S. Matsunaga, Y. Kajii, S. Kato, Y. Nakashima, and K. Miyazaki

  4:00 PM
Comparative analysis of air quality models CIT, WRF-Chem and SPM-BRAMS for the second ozone campaign in Metropolitan Area of São Paulo
Vanessa S.B. Carvalho, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, SP, Brazil; and C. R. Mazzoli, L. D. Martins, M. F. Andrade, and E. D. Freitas

  4:15 PM
  4:30 PM
Satellite observations of megacity air pollution, biomass burning emissions, and their long-range transport
Wallace McMillan, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD; and L. Yurganov, A. Krueger, R. Hoff, C. D. Barnet, J. Gleason, E. Celarier, N. Krotkov, X. Liu, T. Kurosu, G. Osterman, and O. Torres

  4:45 PM
An assessment of air quality in the Houston region: investigating the ability to infer surface PM2.5 from remote sensing measurements and examining possible aerosol sources
Amy Sanders, DEVELOP National Program, Hampton, VA; and R. Legatt, B. Baxley, D. Doddridge, L. Lynaugh, E. Roberts, and R. A. Ferrare