Eighth Symposium on Fire and Forest Meteorology

Session 10

 Operational Forecasting (Short to Long Term) of Fire Weather for Wild, Prescribed, and Fire Use Fires
 Chair: Scott Strenfel, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
10:30 AM10.1A mountain wind model for assisting fire management  extended abstract wrf recording
Gary L. Achtemeier, USDA Forest Service, Athens, GA
10:45 AM10.2The Method of Forest Fires Recognition by Using Doppler Weather Radar  extended abstract wrf recording
Kehui Huang, Wenzhou Meteorological Bureau, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang, China; and J. Zhong, J. Zhu, X. Zhang, F. Zhao, H. Xie, F. Gu, B. Zhou, and M. Wu
11:00 AM10.3Seven day fire danger forecasts from the National Digital Forecast Database  extended abstract wrf recording
William M. Jolly, US Forest Service, Missoula, MT
11:15 AM10.4Update on Model-Generated Predictions of Dry Thunderstorm Risk   wrf recording
Miriam Rorig, USDA Forest Service, Seattle, WA
11:30 AM10.5Probabilistic lightning forecasts and fuel dryness level forecasts in the Graphical Forecast Editor: Increased resolution and expanded distribution for 2009  extended abstract wrf recording
Chris V. Gibson, NOAA/NWSFO, Missoula, MT; and P. D. Bothwell, S. Sharples, E. D. Delgado, and R. Lamoni
11:45 AM10.6A Forecast Procedure for Dry Lightning Busts  extended abstract wrf recording
Nick Nauslar, DRI, Reno, NV; and T. J. Brown and J. Wallman

Thursday, 15 October 2009: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM, Ballroom B

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