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Compact View of Conference

Monday, 18 January 2010
12:15 PM-1:30 PM, Monday, B211
Session TH1 Town Hall Meeting: Data Stewardship
12:15 PMTH1.1Data Stewardship  
Mohan K. Ramamurthy, Unidata/UCAR, Boulder, CO
12:15 PM-1:30 PM, Monday, B212
Session TH2 Town Hall Meeting: Refreshing Our Ocean Research Priorities
12:15 PM-1:30 PM, Monday, B213
Session TH3 Town Hall Meeting: Weather and Climate Priorities of the New Administration, the 111th Congress, and the Atmospheric Sciences Community: Convergence?
12:15 PMTH3.1Weather and Climate Priorities of the New Administration, the 111th Congress, and the Atmospheric Sciences Community: Convergence?  
John Snow, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
12:30 PMTH3.2Community priorities  
Jack Fellows, UCAR, Boulder, CO
12:45 PMTH3.3NOAA's Environmental Information Services Working Group (EISWG)  
Nancy Colleton, NOAA
7:00 PM-8:00 PM, Monday, B212
Session TH4 Town Hall Meeting: Harnessing the Expertise of All Sectors to Overcome the Atmospheric and Oceanographic Challenges of Renewable Energy
7:00 PMTH4.1Atmospheric Science and Renewable Energy: Overcoming the Challenges  
Thomas Karl, NCAR, Boulder, CO
7:15 PMTH4.2Atmospheric Science and Renewable Energy: Overcoming the Challenges II  
Justin Sharp, PPM Energy, Portland, OR
Tuesday, 19 January 2010
7:15 AM-8:15 AM, Tuesday, B312
Session TH5 NOAA Town Hall Meeting (for NOAA employees)
12:15 PM-1:15 PM, Tuesday, B211
Session TH6 Town Hall Meeting: NOAA Research to Operations – A Status Report
12:15 PMTH6.1Panelist: Mary Kicza  
Mary E. Kicza, NOAA/NESDIS, Silver Spring, MD
12:15 PM-1:30 PM, Tuesday, B214
Session TH7 Town Hall Meeting: A Discussion of the AMS Policy Statement on the B.S. Degree
12:15 PM-1:30 PM, Tuesday, B212
Session TH8 Town Hall Meeting: Ad Hoc Committee on Uncertainty in Forecasts (ACUF) Update
12:15 PMTH8.1ACUF Update  
Paul A. Hirschberg, NOAA/NWS, Silver Spring, MD
6:00 PM-7:00 PM, Tuesday, B304
Session TH9 Town Hall Meeting: Opportunities for Improved Gridded Precipitation Analyses for Hydrologic Applications: John Schaake
6:00 PMTH9.1CPC Precip Project  
Pingping Xie, NOAA/NWS/NCEP, Camp Springs, MD
6:15 PMTH9.2Some NCDC initiatives on hourly precipitation data  
Dongsoo Kim, NOAA/NESDIS/NCDC, Asheville, NC
Wednesday, 20 January 2010
12:15 PM-1:30 PM, Wednesday, B212
Session TH10 Town Hall Meeting: A Nationwide Network of Networks—An Update and Challenges for the Future
12:15 PM-1:30 PM, Wednesday, B213
Session TH11 Town Hall Meeting: Severe Weather Impacts on Clinics, Hospitals, and Other Medical Facilities
12:15 PMTH11.1Future of Weather Warnings  
David P. Jorgensen, NOAA, Norman, OK
12:30 PMTH11.2NOAA National Weather Service: Your Lifeline for Information Before Severe Weather Strikes  
Bryan McNally, Emory University Hospital, Atlanta, GA
12:45 PMTH11.3NOAA National Weather Service  
Mark McClellan, NOAA
Thursday, 21 January 2010
12:15 PM-1:30 PM, Thursday, B206
Session TH12 Presidential Town Hall Meeting: Dr. Jane Lubchenco’s Plenary Luncheon (Cash and Carry lunch available outside of the meeting room)
12:15 PMTH12.1Panelist: Jane Lubchenco  
Jane Lubchenco, NOAA Administrater, Washington, DC

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